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6 Rewarding Reasons To Consider A Career In HR

A human resource or HR professional plays a vital role in any organization or company. If you’re looking for a rewarding career, an HR career can be a good choice. You’ll be handling administrative duties and modify policies according to complex welfare and employment laws. Also, a human resource officer takes part in the hiring process to find the best candidates for a vacant job, and training and retaining employees for successful business operations.  

Human Resources is a fast-growing career opportunity that is increasingly becoming in demand, which is evident in the many available vacant HR jobs online. It involves various specialist roles, such as change management, HR business partners, and employer branding. 

Here are the rewarding reasons why you need to consider a career in HR: 

1. Earn a Higher Salary

One of the reasons why HR is now an in-demand career is because of the above-average salary. You might want to take advantage of this trend by choosing to study a course in line with human resources so you can get hired for an HR position. Here are some facts about HR salary: 

  • As you gain years of experience, study to be an HR manager, and get promoted, you could earn an annual average income of $106,910. 
  • According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, the average annual salary for an HR position is $59,180 in 2016. This median wage is higher than other occupations at $37,040 yearly.

2. Gain Happiness and Job Satisfaction

As an HR professional, you can foresee possible problems and resolve them before they even arise. A good HR goes out of his way to make employees feel valued and less frustrated, such as sudden changes in policies or management.  

Here’s how HR professionals gain happiness and job satisfaction: 

  • HR professionals create effective strategies to help develop open and good communication between managers and employees.  
  • Assisting new hires from on-boarding, training, to the production stage and see them accomplish their tasks confidently and get promoted provides a more profound sense of fulfillment and pride to the HR staff. 
  • Making new connections, meeting new friends, and interacting with all types of people within the company is a great experience rarely found in other jobs.  
  • Assisting employees with their needs and helping them make the right decision to stay in the company can bring a sense of joy to an HR professional  

3. Become a Great Influencer

An influencer is a person who can influence other people in different ways. As an HR staff, you hold a key position in an organization, providing a unique perspective to the employer and setting employment priorities and opportunities to the employees. Here’s how you can influence the future and success of a company: 

  • Make hiring and recruitment decisions based on the standards set by the management.  
  • Implement employment policies based on the law.  
  • Reinforce company policies and code of conduct. 
  • Applying an appropriate course of action in the event of a company policy violation, such as failure to perform duty, inappropriate behavior, harassment, tardiness, and unauthorized absenteeism.  
  • Make recommendations that can influence the promotion, resignation, or termination of an employee. 

4. Change People’s Lives

You can become a significant person in other people’s lives as an HR. It is because your job also entails ensuring that the employees are happy and satisfied with the benefits, compensation, and treatment they get from the employers. Here are some unique ways of how HR employees change people’s lives: 

  • Hiring a qualified applicant who badly needs a job to sustain a big family.  
  • Providing tuition reimbursement or health insurance to an employee who never availed of these benefits before. 
  • Arranging skills training to provide more opportunities for employees inside the company through the internal recruitment process for higher positions. 
  • Forwarding recommendations based on the performance and educational background of employees. 
  • Developing people around you through encouragement and assistance.

5. Sustainable Job

With the technology we have today, robots are now replacing the human workforce, so everything is now automated and software-operated. While it is true that HR Information Systems or HRIS exist, human HR employees still play a crucial role in any industry. An HR career has a staying power despite technological displacement. Here are the HR tasks that require common sense and intuition:  

  • Coaching sessions and counseling 
  • Hiring and recruitment interviews  
  • Performance analysis  
  • Employment development planning  
  • Policy implementation and reinforcement 


If you want to be part of a dynamic, fun, and challenging industry, the HR world opens a lot of doors for you. It may seem a complicated and tedious job at first glance, but the fulfillment you’ll obtain from an HR career is an enriching experience. As an HR specialist, you become a mediator, counselor, influencer, marketer, and a friend that employees and employers can rely on.