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What Are The Highest-paying Jobs With A Sports Medicine Degree?

Whether you’re a former athlete or want to work with athletes, you can choose from many sports medicine careers. These include dieticians, nutritionists, and nurses as long as they focus on sports. Some of the highest-paying jobs with a sports medicine degree include athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, kinesiotherapy, and physical therapists. 

For many, salary is the most essential factor in deciding which career to choose. Nonetheless, jobs with high pay require more education either sitting in the four walls of a classroom or the need to earn an online degree. Although on the long term, they offer better job security and financial security which makes the investments worthwhile. 

Athletic Trainers 

Athletic trainers diagnose, treat, and work to prevent injuries, including sports-related damages, in patients of all ages. The American Medical Association recognizes athletic trainers as health professionals unlike fitness specialists and personal trainers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), professional sports teams or schools employ them, and they make $49,740 averagely. 

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists focus on disabilities or sports-related injury diagnosis and treatments. When a patient has a disease or in an accident due to sports, physical therapists limit the effects of disabilities, relieve pain, and restore mobility and function of injured body or parts. To enter such career, one must finish a postgraduate degree in physical therapy. 

With such, they make as high as  $85,790 on average. 

Sports Psychologists

These are professionals of mental health, earning $71,803 averagely by specializing in the mental health needs of athletes, like anxiety, stress relief, motivation, and performance enhancement techniques. 

Clinical Exercise Physiologists 

When it comes to maintaining physical fitness, especially on the cardiovascular system, a clinical exercise physiologist focuses on this. Their responsibilities include training counseling and guidance as well as developing exercise plans for different people. 

Orthopedic Surgeon 

It’s one of the highest paying sports medicine jobs, and it requires the highest level of training and education. Orthopedic surgeons treat the most critical injuries and musculoskeletal problems. They make as high as $679,750 on average. 


Biomechanist use motion analysis techniques to tell how joints, bones, and muscles are injured under the specific condition and also to improve performance. A Ph.D. is required to be a biomechanist, and the average pay is about $63,000 a year. 

Sports Nutritionist

Sports nutritionists create meal plans that enable athletes to perform at a high level by studying an athlete’s nutrient intake and analyze how food is being metabolized and digested. They can make about $57,000 a year and have good job growth of 16% through to 2024. 

Strength & Conditioning Coach 

The good thing about this job is that you get to stay in great shape and help others do the same. You will always work with athletes and have the opportunity to work with your favorite athletes. Coaches make between $40,000-$60,000, while the pros make as much as $200,000 a year. 


If you’re unable to play sports at a professional level, but you have the talent to work in the medical field, irrespective of your choice and whichever you like the best, these jobs are good and high paying.